Schuldenvrij in Crooswijk



Rotterdam Crooswijk is famous for a neighborhood with lots of debt issues. Crooswijk was recently names poorest neighborhood in The Netherlands. DOCK, as being one of the largest welbeing organisations in the country, aims to lead the fight against debts. This project is prove of that. By creating a mission brand for this specific target group DOCK aimed for a tipping point and new behaviour. The mission's goal was to persuade and entise people from Crooswijk to come forwards and get help with their debts.

Creatieve briefing

Gewenste klantreis


We made a tipping point analysis and eventually a tipping point brief which is simple, viusual and easily shareable. We made an inventarisation of the current customer journey. From that starting point we made a new desired customer journey that is more effective and loveable. We created new content, gamification features, a digital registration application and communication campaign.

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