Concepts with the aim to earn cultural influence

At Mana Fountain we believe authentic applied creativity is much needed to transform our world for the better & to be succesful in business. You could blend in with the rest, or aim to be remarkable and earn influence.

Our 5 basic principles

Do something remarkable

We always aim to achieve remarkable results by doing remarkable things. The genuine intention to be (culturally) influencial is essential for concepts to be impactful.

Drive positive change

There is a huge difference between using change as a marketing asset and driving change to actually change things. We believe driving change will transform your business for the better, and will lead to significant impact too.

Be stupid

Be Stupid is a reminder to everyone who is hassitant about pursuing their potential. We focus on building self-awareness and self-confidence to enable our clients to do remarkable things. 

Earn desirability

We are your antidote to sameness and protect you from blending in. Desirability is often the result of authentic creativity. Desirability could be bought, but is much stronger when it is earned.

Seek potential

Mana means the potential within. Steve Jobs one said: "Life can be very limited if you take it as it is." The fact that a sustainable future, fair trade, modern education, and so on, can be designed is what makes us tick. 

Our services

Concept development

We develop concepts that guide & enable our clients to transform into remarkable brands, and earn desirability & (cultural) influence within specific target groups.

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Creative partner

In a more permanent partnership & in line with predetermined ambitious goals, we facilitate our clients in realizing & optimizing remarkable brand worlds and thriving businesses.

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Current clients

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