Mission-centric brand design

The idea is simple: Achieving an ambitious social goal by building an influential and impactful brand world and organisation. Mana facilitates mission management, research and data-analysis, brand- and service design & team management.

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#1: Intention

Our motto: Design for impact or go home! 
The willingness to truly realise a specific goal is essential in every mission. Without it we won't participate.
Intention fuels potential. It makes projects viable and promising.

#2: The Tipping Point theory

Tipping Point theory: people change when you offer a better alternative & entice them to give it a chance. 
Tipping Point analysis: a inventarisation of all influences that lead to current behaviour. 
Tipping Point: The point where old behaviour makes way for new behaviour. 

For example

How could people with dementia stay at home longer in a dementia-friendly city?

The tipping point analysis would answer questions like: 
What are the obstacles at home? What are the vital needs of people with dementia? What are the dangers of living at home longer? What are the obstacles in the city?

An other one

How could we entice people in Holland to eat less meat?

The tipping point analysis would answer questions like: 
What is the role of culture and religion? Why do people eat meat? Is there sufficient provision of education? What is the role of meat in society? How important is meat for people?

An other one

How could we make young people mentally conscious and resilient?

The tipping point analysis would answers questions like: 
What is the origin of most mental problems? Why is vulnerability still an issue in society? Is there sufficient provision of education? What is de role of parents, friends and social media?

Last one

How could we create an evironment where all children exercise and have a healthy weight?

The tipping point analysis would answer questions like: 
What is the role of culture and religion? Why do parents serve unhealthy food? Is there sufficient provision of education? What is keeping children from playing outside?

Why is the tipping point analysis important?

It's essential to start a design process with sufficient information. It shows the scope of the challenge and the minimal influence needed for new behaviour. This will save time, money and energy, and it is the fundament for success.

#3: Start-up doing

In start-up teams, experts from both Mana and the client join forces. We believe multidisciplinary teams are most capable of finding creative solutions. Mana not only guides & facilitates the design process, but also fully participates in the start-up team. 

Building blocks for mission-centric brands

Dit is een test!

Mission management:
strategising progress

Team management
New partnerships
Data analysis

Brand identity:
leading change


Product design:
creating new norms

(Digital) product design

Content and campaigns:
building relationships


What's in it for you?

Sustainable innovation

Mission-centric brand design leads to conscious and sustainable innovation. Agile startup teams work autonomously towards their goals. In this process the teams learn and improve fast, and will efficiently create new effective products and services.

Positive impact

At Mana we help change makers to make change. The positive impact we help create determines our right to excist. Significant positive impact is our brand's promise. Our purpose goes hand in hand with financial continuity. Without resources there is no impact.

Fans and ambassadors

We are a mission-centric brand design agency. That means we are in the game of creating movement through fans. Behavioural change is something we wish to achieve through optimistic new realities. Our goal is to make people fans of the alternatives we create. 

Internal support base

Teams focus on a clear goal and vision. They are on an exciting mission. It brings teams together. Agility and autonomy bring the best out of people. The team is truly giving change a chance. That is a very special feeling. 

Here to stay

At Mana we aim to help build sustainable brands that have a big and long lasting role in society. Quick wins, projects and campaigns can all be very useful, but at Mana we believe that effect is sustainable when interventions become social fundaments.

PR and remarkableness

We create loveable brands and products that stand out and are able to change the status quo. Our approach leads to a competitive advantage because we solely work on new inspiring alternatives. This makes our solutions newsworthy and worth making a remark about.

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